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Studio Newborn Sessions take place in my 1800sq ft. studio located in Franklin Lakes, NJ, where I have access to all of my lighting, props and so much more. This type of session focuses more on the traditional natural poses of your baby. I have a variety of props such as a vintage little bed, rustics wooden baskets, cute little headband, soft sleepy hats, and cozy swaddles to choose from. I just want you to come to the studio relaxed and let me take care of everything else.



Q: When is the best time to schedule a newborn photography session?

A: The ideal time for a newborn photoshoot is within the first two weeks of life. During this period, newborns are usually sleepier and more cooperative for posed shots. It's advisable to schedule the session in the first 14-21 days if possible.


Q: How long does a typical newborn photography session last?

A: Newborn sessions can vary in duration but generally last between 1 to 2 hours. This allows enough time for feeding, comforting, and capturing a variety of poses and setups.


Q: What should parents do to prepare for a newborn photoshoot?

A: To prepare for a newborn session, I will send over a prep guide that helps parents on what needs to be done before the shoot to ensure we have a smooth session.


Q: Do you provide props and outfits for the newborn photoshoot?

A: Yes, I have a collection of props, wraps, and outfits, but it's a good idea to discuss this in advance. Some parents may prefer to bring their own sentimental items or outfits for the shoot.


Q: Can siblings and parents be included in the newborn session?

A: Absolutely! Including siblings and parents in the session is a common request. It's advisable to inform me in advance so they can plan accordingly. Capturing family moments with the newborn can result in beautiful and meaningful photographs.


Q: Can I request specific poses or styles for the photoshoot?

A: You sure can! Communicate your preferences and ideas with me before the session helps me prep for your session.


Q: How soon can we expect to receive the final edited photos?

A: Turnaround time for receiving your proofs is about 2 weeks. You will have about a week to pick out your favorite images. After that I may provide a sneak peek on social media shortly after that and the full gallery delivered within a couple of weeks after you made your selection.


Q: What safety measures are taken during newborn photoshoots?

A: Safety is a top priority in newborn photography. I am fully insured and have over 10 years experience in handling newborns safely. I never attempt poses that could compromise the baby's well-being. It's essential to work with a photographer who prioritizes safety and comfort.


Q: Can I order prints or albums of the newborn photos?

A: Yes, of course. I do offer prints and album options where you will be able to order from your gallery.

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