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NJ Fresh 48 photography is a unique genre that focuses on capturing the first two days of a baby's life, usually taking place in the hospital or the comfort of the family's home. Unlike traditional newborn photoshoots, Fresh 48 sessions emphasize the authenticity of the moment, portraying the raw emotions, natural connections, and the tender beginnings of a family.





Q: What exactly is Fresh 48 photography?

A: Fresh 48 photography is a genre that involves capturing the first 48 hours of a newborn's life, typically in a hospital setting. It aims to document the raw and authentic moments that occur during this initial post-birth period, focusing on the baby, parents, and family interactions.


Q: How is Fresh 48 photography different from traditional newborn photography?

A: While traditional newborn photography often takes place in a studio setting with posed shots, Fresh 48 photography is more candid and spontaneous in a hospital setting. It emphasizes capturing real, unscripted moments in the first two days of a baby's life, often in a hospital room or the family's home.


Q: Why choose a Fresh 48 session?

A: Fresh 48 sessions offer a unique opportunity to capture the genuine emotions and connections in the immediate moment in your life. The images obtained during these sessions serve as a timeless keepsake, documenting the fleeting moments, first encounters, and expressions that define the early hours of a newborn's life.


Q: When is the best time to schedule a Fresh 48 session?

A: Ideally, Fresh 48 sessions should take place within the first 48 hours of a baby's life. This timeframe allows for the capture of authentic moments when the family is still in the hospital or adjusting to the newborn's presence at home. The goal is to freeze these initial moments before they fade away.


Q: Where do Fresh 48 sessions typically take place?

A: Fresh 48 sessions can occur in a hospital room. The location depends on the preference of the parents and the circumstances surrounding the birth. Some families opt for the familiarity of their home, while others appreciate the hospital setting with its unique atmosphere.


Q: What makes a Fresh 48 photographer different?

A: A Fresh 48 photographer possesses a unique skill set to capture moments in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. They are adept at working with available natural light, blending into the background to document candid interactions, and have a keen eye for the emotions that unfold during the early postpartum period.


Q: Can family members be included in Fresh 48 sessions?

A: Absolutely. Fresh 48 sessions often include not only the newborn but also parents, siblings, and even extended family members. These sessions aim to document the connections and emotions shared by the entire family in the early hours of the newborn's life.


Q: How long does a typical Fresh 48 session last?

A: The duration of a Fresh 48 session can vary, but it generally lasts around 1 to 1 ½ hours. I aims to capture a variety of moments, ensuring that the session is not rushed and that the family feels comfortable and natural during the process.


Q: Are Fresh 48 sessions only for first-time parents?

A: No, Fresh 48 sessions are for any family welcoming a new baby, regardless of whether it's the first child or not. Each birth is a unique experience, and Fresh 48 photography is a wonderful way to capture the magic of new beginnings for any growing family.



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